Once a Stopover for Farmers

Hoene Springs wellhouseThe residents of Hoene Springs are proud of their community and are ever striving to maintain and improve upon the standards which have been set over the years. We hope that this perspective on the heritage of Hoene Springs will be meaningful and prompt you and your family to take an active role in improving our Community and Association. The quote below regarding the Hoene Springs landmark refers to the original well house, which can still be seen near the Hoene Springs main entrance on Winnifred.

"One of the most easily recognized landmarks in the northwestern section of Jefferson County is Hoene Springs, which was used by farmers from Morse Mill and nearby places enroute to the railroad station in Eureka, Missouri. The railroad at Eureka was the nearest outlet for their harvest."

--From Historic Sites of Jefferson County, Missouri (Eschbach, Walter L.)

Complete History

1896 William Hoene, Senior acquired a parcel of ground consisting of a free flowing spring and a small amount of river bottom acreage. Little did he know that through the foresight and additional land acquisitions made by his son, Harry B. Hoene, Hoene Springs would someday be a wonderful subdivision consisting of over 150 families.

1927 Harry along with his wife Winnifred moved back to Hoene Springs after spending six years ranching cattle in South Dakota. They began building river cottages for prominent people from St. Louis to spend their weekends. They built a store to furnish fresh milk, eggs and other essentials items. Soon some of the weekend residents wanted to make Hoene Springs their full time home.

1937 The first addition of Hoene Springs was created. As years went by more and more people wanted to come to Hoene Springs to enjoy the beauty and tranquility offered by our beautiful Ozark foothills.

1956 The Hoene Springs Improvement Association was formed. Harry Hoene, Jr. was elected President and held the office until his death in 1974. Under him, his wife Rosemary began the well-known annual Hoene Springs Turkey shoot; which remained a tradition until 1991. Although many things have changed in our community, good neighbors, fun times and a foresight into the future keep Hoene Springs the subdivision that others in our area admire.

1995 A memorial was dedicated to Mr. Harry Hoene on April 29th of that year. Visit the memorial located near the Spring House at the entrance to lower Hoene Springs.

Present Day

Present Day Hoene Springs is a happy community that celebrates Halloween, Christmas and Easter each year with parties in Winnifred Park. Our subdivision is nestled in the Missouri foothills, where we enjoy the full view of the seasons, with exceptional birdwatching, and visits from the occasional deer. Hoene Springs...an area full of surprises!