Who to Contact in Hoene Springs

Hoene Springs contactsHave a question or comment about the subdivision? Here are contacts:

Hoene Springs Improvement Association - 2017-18

(All phone numbers below are in the 636 area code).



Trustee: John Redel, 314-795-3004
Trustee: Jim Thomas, 938-6009
Trustee: Susan Pregon, 314-406-6718


President: Derreck Fricke, 314-884-0418
Vice President: Kody Graves, 940-531-1851
Treasurer: Robert Schubert, 314-448-7878
Secretary: Jennifer Forbis, 314-403-9652

Committee Chairpersons

Annual Meeting:


Appreciation Dinner:

Carole Miller

Neighborhood Parties:

Jodi Burnley

Road Committee:



Judy Camp, HS email

Welcome Wagon and Caring Neighbors:

Alice Schwing, 938-4915

Other Contact Information

Title Clearance

Anyone needing title clearance information on a property can contact Robert Schubert at RAS Accounting Solutions, Inc., 314-448-7878, rasactsol@yahoo.com.

Post Office Box

Hoene Springs Improvement Association
P.O. Box 271
Eureka, MO 63025


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