Hoene Springs, Missouri is located along Highway W, between I-44 at Eureka (south of Hwy. 109) and Highway 30 at House Springs, 35 miles southwest of St. Louis, south of the confluence of the Meramec River and the Big River.

Halloween Party Oct. 18!

Join everyone at the annual Hoene Springs Halloween Party Saturday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. in Winnifred Park, with a rain date of Oct. 25. Anne Consolino will be coordinating. If you would like to help, you can contact her at 314-807-3127 akconsolino@att.net.

You and your family will have fun at the Halloween Party, complete with scary decorations, a bonfire, free food and candy for the kids.

Coming Soon: HS Facebook Fan Page

At the HS annual meeting August 18, the decision was made to have a Facebook page for Hoene Springs. Please check back later for more details.

Road Work Along Highway W

As you surely have noticed, MODOT is working on Highway W near the Winnifred entrance, including a new left turn lane into our subdivision. According to the HighwayWMM.org website, shoulders will be constructed the length of highway W where possible, from the Meramec River bridge to Byrnesville Road. The curve at LaFarge will be improved and turn lanes are in the works for Winnifred Road, Twin Rivers Road, and Byrnesville Road.  The work will be done by mid-2014 in the first phase of the contract.  A second contract will follow that one that will make further improvements.

You can download a pdf of an arial view of the planned changes at Twin Rivers.
Also nearby, many have been wondering about the field at the intersection of Highways W and 109. MODOT has been dumping a large amount of rock there, which they have been taking from the Highway W road construction. Recent conversations with the building department of Jefferson County reveal no new construction is planned for the field. At one time, apartments were planned, but that project was turned down at a fall meeting. At this point, MODOT is merely stockpiling rock at the site, with no further plans for the site at this point.

Hoene Springs Easter Party

The Easter Party was a hit, April 12 in Winnifred Park. Thanks to Anne Consolino for organizing the event. Click here to view the Easter Party pictures.

Highlights of
2013 Annual Meeting

The 2013 annual meeting of all residents was held August 20 at the Jefferson County Library on Highway 30. Here are some of the highlights of the meeting:

Road Report from Dave Wehner
Adopt-A-Highway: Thanks to all of those who helped with the trash pick up in both November and May, and to Pat Wehner, who fixed everyone a hot breakfast afterward.

Signs: By now, everyone probably has seen the new signs that were made for the subdivision announcing parties and meetings. They have interchangeable dates and letters. In addition, Jim Hoene has generously donated a slab of cedar we will use to make our new main entrance sign, which will save us a great deal of money.

Highway W: MODOT is adding a left turn lane to lower Hoene Springs at the Winnifred entrance. According to Jim Hoene, they are just taking a small sliver of his field, so our sign should be OK.

Resident Yard Maintenance: Residents are asked to trim their trees along the roads to allow the fire department a 13.6" net clearance for their trucks. In addition, please spray vegetation killer along the road to keep grass and other growth from getting under the asphalt and starting cracks, which is very expensive to fix.

Power Lines: If vines and other vegetation is growing on power lines or poles, please call Ameren UE, since that would be their responsibility.

Trees at Winnifred Park: Residents expressed concern about out of control trees and weeds in Winnifred Park, and Brian Ketchinski kindly offered to take care of it at no cost. Brian did as promised within a week of the meeting. Thanks, Brian!

Dues and Future Paving of Roads (Dan Tuggle):
Dan discussed the past history of the road paving, and how our schedule is affected by dues. A lively discussion ensued. The result was that dues were voted to be raised another 10% this year, but other options would be looked at for the future of the roads. Resident Mike Parker said it is his day job to deal with a variety of asphalt contractors. He said Chip N Seal is just one step above gravel, and is no permanent solution. He said the industry has something fairly new, called Roller Compacted Concrete, which is cheaper than both asphalt and regular concrete, and you can drive on it the same day. It can handle up to 7000 psi. He offered to do a presentation on it at the October 7 board meeting.

Future Annual Meetings: There was quite a discussion about the low turnout at the meeting, and what could be done about it. After a variety of suggestions, a committee was formed to present ideas at the October board meeting. The committee consists of Pat Wehner, Jim Thomas, and Emily Atheuser. Dan Tuggle also asked that as many residents as possible attend the October meeting at the Firehouse, since there is still much to be discussed.

Halloween Party:
Anne Consolino will be providing information on the Halloween Party soon.

Board Members:
See the Contacts Page for the new list of trustees, officers, committees and volunteers.

HS Residents Celebrate Night Out with Jeffco Sheriff and Fire Depts.

HS residents celebrated a Night Out August 5 in Winnifred Park with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Fire Department. Residents were treated to bratwurst, hot dogs and soda by the officers, who shared a bit of information about law enforcement.
Click here for pictures from last year.

Find Us Now at HoeneSprings.ORG

We apologize if you had trouble finding our web site. We had to move in 2012 from hoenesprings.com to hoenesprings.org, due to technical difficulties. Please update your bookmarks, and let your neighbors know how to find us! Pictures can still be sent to hoenesprings@gmail.com since the email address did not change.

Annual Spring Easter Party

View photos of the past Easter Parties here.

Annual Halloween Party

View photos of the past Halloween Parties here.

Eureka Recreation Center

Residents of Hoene Springs can apply for memberships at the new Timbers of Eureka Recreation Center. The Rec Center is located behind the Legends Corporate Center, between Creative Expressions Day Care and Legends Terrace Apartments. The 29,000 square foot facility consists of fitness and aerobics facilities, multi-level outdoor pool, several meeting room spaces, full kitchen and concession stand, gymnasium, babysitting rooms and house the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department. Day passes are also available. More information here.

Annual Meeting Held Each August

The annual meeting of all Hoene Springs residents is held each August. Discussions include subdivision finances, updates to the road, election of new officers, and committee reports. The subdivision is in need for additional people to fulfill board positions and to assist on committees. Contact a trustee if you are interested. Click for complete meeting minutes.

Hoene Springs email address.

You can write to us at hoenesprings@gmail.com.

Welcome to the Hoene Springs Web Site!

Our goal is to provide residents and visitors a brief
glimpse of life in Hoene Springs.

We hope this site will help promote goodwill
and present residents with timely information
about their Association and Neighborhood happenings.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.
Enjoy your visit!

Hoene Springs residents enjoy:

Custom homes, not cookie cutter

Rolling hills with lots of trees

Good neighbors

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Board Meeting

HS board meetings are held at 7 p.m. at the firehouse on Highway W, near the golf course.

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View the Highlights of the Annual Meeting of Residents

HS Residents Celebrate Night Out with Jeffco Sheriff and Fire Depts.

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Title Clearance

Anyone needing title clearance information on a property can contact Fran Lucchesi at AccounTax, 314-842-1313.

Or write to:
Homeowner Association Accounting Services
11420 Gravois Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63126

View Easter Pictures

The Hoene Springs entrance

The old Hoene Springs well house, which is no longer used, but continues to be an icon for the subdivision.

Wildlife in Hoene Springs

HS Resident Eric Miller was kind enough to pass along these terrific wildlife photos he took with his trail camera on Forest Drive. "Mostly I see deer, squirrels, and chipmunks," Eric said, "but here are some of our more 'exotic' animals, including a red box turtle, some foxes, a coyote, and a hawk." Follow the link to see the photos, then click "slideshow" for best viewing.

Night Out Pictures

View photographs of Hoene Springs events here.

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